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Are you a Mercedes 190SL owner ? All our compliments !

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Quarterly driving tour
They are the occasion for impassioned of 190SL to find themselves again within the environment of a week-end, in France or elsewhere, organized each quarter.
The program of the trips and the logistic organization are proposed by the club but a share in the expenses is requested from each member.

Edition of an end-of-term report
This newspaper intended for all the members of the club provides them with any type of useful information for impassioned of 190SL, technical information, advertisements, exchanges of parts, good addresses, and federates the members of the club around events (account of the weekend, contest, etc..).

Visits of the Mercedes-Benz museums or of the factories of production Mercedes-Benz are organized once a year and are proposed to the members of the club 190SL.

Technical information
For any technical information regarding your 190SL contact us by mail or e-mail.

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